It’s Heating Up Workout


I think summer is officially here. The morning temperatures are in the 70’s and the afternoon temperatures are reaching 90 degrees already. That means I will want to start my workouts a lot earlier to stay cool and beat the heat. Fortunately I’m under the lanai and sheltered from the sweltering sun, but it does nothing to alleviate the humidity. There will just be a whole lot of sweating going on. I wanted a good old sweaty workout today so set your timer for 10 second rest and 40 second work. There are 8 exercises and we will be going through them 4 times, so it’s 32 rounds. If you are a beginner, take breaks when you need to, and work in your comfort zone. The only thing you need for the workout is a weight that you can hold in your hand. The workout breakdown is below.

1. 6x’s Strict Mountain Climbers to V-Hop Right then Left
2. Seated Russian Twist with Overhead Press
3. Squat with Right Shoulder Pres to Overhead Right Reverse Lunge
4. Plank Down Up to Push-up and Knee Drive Right then Left
5. Squat with Left Shoulder Press to Overhead Left Reverse Lunge
6. 1 Leg Push-up to 3x’s Kicks to Side
7. Goblet Squat Hold Low and Pulse Up 3x’s
8. Walk Out to Plank/Hold/ Super Girl Lift Right then Left