Head to Toe Workout

I wanted a workout today that hit all the major muscle groups, required very little equipment or space and still kept me breathing hard. I didn’t think it was going to be very challenging until I got to about round 3.  My heart rate monitor was beeping like crazy because my heart rate was too high.  When my heart rate got too high I toweled off and got a drink. If you complete the 10 rounds, it is 100 repetitions of each exercise.

I used 10lb dumbbells for the Manmakers. They felt light at first, but by about round 3 they were feeling pretty heavy. I used my 30lb sandbag for the lunges and roll-ups. Remember to chose a weight that is manageable, and if it begins to feel too heavy drop the weight and do it without.

There are only three exercises in this workout. If you want to track your time, set a stopwatch and complete 10 rounds.

1. Manmaker Combo                                                               10x

2. Front Lunge                                                                         10x

3. Sandbag Roll-up to Get Up                                                  10x

I went for time, but kept good form.  I completed all 10 rounds in 21:26