Hard Core to the Bone HIIT Workout

Alright, the name is compliments of Maria V. She had come up with a bunch of titles that I should use. I just needed to put together exercises that were fitting for the name. I think I have succeeded on this one. I decided to do a longer work time on the first part because the moves are all combinations and it will go by too fast if we do a short work time. I want you to really feel the muscles when you are performing the moves. Most of the moves you have seen before, they are just combined together to give you a challenging workout. I use different pieces of equipment because everyone has something that they work on. If you don’t have equipment, don’t worry all the moves can be done on the floor. I always show the different variations. If you are a beginner, work at your level and take breaks when you need to. I will have the first and second parts broken up by the orange banner that way it’s easy to find the next part. I used my 18″ Box, 30 lb sandbag, 12 & 20 lb Kettlebell and my step bench. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1: 10/2:00/15/3

1. Kneel Down – Up/Squat out to side then Reverse Cross Over Lunge
(30) Bicycle with band on Feet

2. Front Lunge to Bench/Hold/Jump Switch Lunge/Leg back to plank & Cross Hand walk over bench to Push-up (1 hand on bench & 1 on floor)
(30) Down Dog Right Leg Back Pull forward to elbow

3. Warrior Gauntlet – Roll back & Feet over head/Roll forward & hop into a Plank/2x Push-up/Hop up & forward for Clean & Press/Hop back & Repeat
(30) Down Dog Left Leg Back Pull forward to Elbow

4. 10x Pendulums/10x Mountain Climbers/10x Plank Jack/2x Cross Hand Walk Push-up to Hop Up
(30) Side Plank Right – Knee in then Kick Front

5. Alternate Reverse Lunge – Weight to Front of Knee – Clean to chest & hold/Front Lunge Press weight overhead/step back & squat with shoulder press
(30) Side Plank Left – Knee in then Kick Front

6. 10x Oblique Mountain Climbers to V-hop right then left then Clean & Press
(30) Sandbag Roll-up with Shoulder Press

7. (Box) 10x Step up with alternating Side Leg Lift/10x Hands on box & Hop over
(30) Plank with Alternating Leg Lift

8. 2x Jump Lunge/2x Jump Squat/2x Side Lateral Jump Lunge/2x Plies Squat Jump Hop to Plank
(30) Plank – Alternate Reach Front to Side Twist

Bonus: Strength 10/1:00/10/30 3 rounds

1. Turkish Get Up Right
(30) Right Arm Swing

2. Turkish Get Up Left
(30) Left Arm Swing

3. 1x Kettlebell Squat/1x Kettlebell Squat with Overhead Press/Hold/5x Tricep Overhead Extension
(30) Hold Kettlebell Overhead Squat & Alternate Knee lift (Kettlebell to Outside of Knee)

4. 2x Right Leg Lead Jump Lunge/Hold/Right Bicep Curl
(30) Right Arm Windmill

5. 2x Left Leg Lead Jump Lunge/Hold/Left Bicep Curl
(30) Left Arm Windmill

6. Alternate High Pull/Clean to Overhead Press/1x Swing/1x Swing Switch
(30) Alternate Circle Around the Head