Happy Burpday To Me

I came up with a new workout in honor of my birthday on Wednesday. You are getting the post early, because Wednesday is my Yoga day and nothing, not even my birthday, will stop me from going to my Yoga Class. I will have some fun afterwards! I have the workout set up as a stopwatch workout, but you can make it into a Tabata style if you’re pressed for time. Just remember that it is not about the speed of the workout, but your focus on form. I can already feel my butt getting sore and it’s only been a few hours.

I am turning 45 so I played with the numbers to get 45 repetitions of burpees. There are 4 burpee exercises that have 10 repetitions and 1 burpee exercise that has 5 repetitions. I also did 4 rounds of the workout to symbolize my 4 decades of life. It was very intense, but a great workout.

If you are a beginner, you should start by going through the workout 1 time. Work at your own pace, and write down your scores so you know if you’re improving the next time you do the workout.

I have a new move in the video. Click on the highlighted link to see the break down Right Rotational Reverse Lunge to Side Lunge

and Left Rotational Reverse Lunge to Side Lunge

Here is the complete video of Happy Burpday to Me, and the workout breakdown is below.

Set your timer for Stopwatch and complete 4 rounds

1) Wall-up Burpee                                                                                  10x

2)Shoulder Tap Push-up                                                                         10x

3) 2 Jump Lunges to Burpee                                                                  10x

4) Right Rotational Reverse Lunge to Side Lunge                                  10x

5) 2x Plank Jack to Burpee                                                                     10x

6) Left Rotational Reverse Lunge to Side Lunge                                    10x

7) Plank Hold Glute Lift Right then Left to Burpee                                  10x

8) Bicep Curl with Shoulder Press                                                           10x

9) 4 Side Hop Burpee with Push-up between                                           5x

10) Plank Knee Cross Under Body                                                          10x