Give Me Strength, (Full Video)


I decided I would go back and revise some of my previous posts that don’t have full video workouts. I am looking forward to doing all of those videos. The difficult part is deciding which one to do first. They were all very challenging when I did them the first time around. I feel like I am getting stronger. I can’t wait to go back and compare my scores.

I have the breakdown listed below. You can write it down and do it later, or follow along with me in the video.

Part 1:  10 second rest/ 30 second work    24 rounds

1) Walking Push-ups

2) Thigh Burner

3) Oblique Mountain Climbers

4) Clean & Press to Squat & Press

5) Pendulums

6) Alternating V-Crunch

7) Sumo Squat w/Alternating Side Swings

(I used a 15 lb. Dumbbell)

8) Dips w/Dancing Crab

9) Sandbag Swings

(I used my 30 lb. Sandbag)

10) Elevated Push-up w/Knee Tuck

11) Right Side Plank Reach Through

12) Left Side Plank Reach Through


Part 2: Stopwatch   5 rounds

1) Prisoner Squats                                 10x

2) Dive Bombers                                    10x

3) Sandbag Roll-up                                10x

4) Overhead Walking Lunges                 10x

5) Burpees                                              10x

6) Overhead Walking Lunges                 10x