Get Pumped and Abs Too Workout


It has been unseasonably cold here in Florida, but I am still going out and recording my workouts. I had a few new exercise combinations in the workout. If you have been following me then you have seen the exercises, I have just combined a few together. In this workout, I did 6 exercises three times through. Set your timer for a 10 second rest and 50 second work for 18 rounds. If you are a beginner you can set your timer for 6 rounds and do it 3 times with a break in between each round. If you are advanced and want to follow me, we are doing all 18 rounds without a break. Remember to work at your pace. The exercise breakdown is below.

Set Timer: 10 rest/ :50 work  18 rounds

1) 5 Squats/ 1 Overhead Press to a Burpee

2) 10x Mountain Climbers/ 5x Frog Jumps

3) Push-up Rotation Right then Left to a Burpee

4) Alternating Front Lunge with Side Twist / 4x Jump Lunges

5) Burpee to Sumo Squat with Alternating Knee Lift Right and Left

6) Pull-up to Bicep Curl (on Straps or with dumbbells)


Abs:  Set timer for :10 rest/ :50 work   6 rounds

1) Plank Toe Taps off Ugi

2) On Knees – Roll Out with Straps or Stability Ball

3) Russian Twist