Get A Leg Up Workout

I know I just finished an upper body workout. I do have people that still want lower body moves in a workout. I didn’t want to torture you and make it one long video, so I split it into two workouts. You can either go through the entire thing with me, or do upper body one day and legs the next. I thought I would change up the cardio end of it today. Instead of doing jump ropes in between each exercise, I decided to do side to side hops over the bench. You can do all the exercises on the floor if you don’t have a bench. I used my step bench, a 5 lb and 12 lb dumbbell, and my 30 lb sandbag. You can do all of the exercises without any weight. Work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to.

Set timer for 10/20/10/50 2 rounds
(Do side to side hop over bench in between each exercise)

1. Squat Right Side Out to Knee Up/Right Reverse Lunge off bench to Knee Up
2. Squat Left Side Out to Knee Up/Left Reverse Lunge off bench to Knee Up
3. Walk Over Step to Push-up
4. Alternate Reverse Lunge with weighted Side Twist
5. Weighted Roll Up to Shoulder Press
6. Bench Plank Jack to Frog Hop to Burpee
7. Prisoner Squat Low Broad Jump to 2x Push-up
8. Alternate V-up (Opposite Hand to Opposite Foot)
9. Hip Thrust – Hold Low Squat Kick leg through right then left
10. Hovering Crunch Knee In