Finish Strong Workout


I was feeling great today. It wasn’t as cold as it has been the last few days. I took advantage of the weather and did a workout that didn’t seem long, but was tough. I have two new exercises in the workout so I did a video for the workout breakdown. Click on the link and watch the breakdown “Finish Strong Breakdown”  or just follow along with me in the real time video. I set my timer for :15 rest/ 1:00 work for 18 rounds. You can go through all 18 rounds with me, or set your timer for 6 rounds and take a break before you hit play again. Remember to work at your pace.

1) V-Jump Right then Left. Hold in plank and knee tuck right to left arm and left knee to right arm

2) Tricep Extension with Strap or (Dips, Dumbbell Overhead Extension or Kickbacks)

3) Frogger

4) Pull-up

5) 10x Pendulums Hold for Pike Press

6) Egg Drop Jump Lunge Combo