No Excuses Workout


It is going to be a gorgeous day today. We are supposed to hit 75 degrees. I will take it. I wanted to do another couplet workout today. I like switching up the exercises and moving around. This workout can be done with or without equipment. You don’t even need a jump rope. You can do a high knee jog or jumping jacks, just work at your level. I did the workout two times through. If you are a beginner, you might want to pause and take a break between the first and second rounds. Do what feels comfortable to you. Below is the workout breakdown.

Part 1:  :10 rest/ :30 work   6 rounds

1. Sandbag Sumo Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift

2. Plank Knee Touch (Tap hand to knee)


Jump Rope   :5 rest/ :25 work    6 rounds


Part 2:  :10 rest/ :30 work   6 rounds

3. Squat w/Alternating Front Kick

4. Plank V Jump Right then Left then 2x’s Plank Jack


Jump Rope   :5 rest/ :25 work   6 rounds


Part 3:  :10 rest/ :30 work   6 rounds

5. Sandbag Swing

6. Jump Lunges


Jump Rope   :5 rest/ :25 work   6 rounds


Repeat the workout one more time through.