Drop it Like it’s Hot Workout Video


I recorded another workout today from a previous post that never had a recorded video. I am trying to get caught up on those. I forgot how hard some of those workouts really were. I talked at the beginning of my video about the supplements that I take. I don’t take too many things. I do a Branched Chain Amino Acid and Glumatic Powder from Nutrishop. They are my two favorite pre-workout supplements. The only other thing I do regularly is a fruit and spinach protein shake after my workout. I have tried a lot of supplements over the years and I know what works for my body. Everybody’s body is different so you must find what works for you. The hardest time for me to be motivated is when it’s cold outside. I am not a coffee drinker, so I might reach for a caffeine pill to get me started.  I am the type of individual that hops out of bed in the morning and is ready to go. But I am also the type of person that crashes at the end of the night, and I am out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Below is the workout breakdown. I used my 10 lb. Ugi Ball. A medicine ball works well, or no weight at all depending on your level. The workout is set up up for a :15 rest and 1:00 work for 30 rounds. If you are a beginner, you may want to go through the workout one time, or you may want to take a break between the 3 rounds. You do what is comfortable for you. Take breaks when you need them, and work in your comfort zone.

1) Frog Hop

2) Drop Squats

3) Right Leg Walk Out to Push-up

4) Left Leg Walk Out to Push-up

5) Froggers

6) Runner’s Stomp Right

7) Runner’s Stomp Left

8) Plank Down Up

9) Thigh Burner

10) Egg Drop Jump Lunge Combo