Drop Dead Legs Workout

It is “Black Friday!” Every woman I know likes to go out shopping for the best deals. I never had any interest in that. I would be out running, and they would be in their cars driving to the store to be the first in line. I find that what ever the stores are offering is usually not a deal. But I have a deal for you. If you click on my video link today, I will give you one of the best leg and cardiovascular workouts you have ever had. I will challenge you to think, and I will push you out of your comfort zone. When you are done, you will not have lost any money, but rather a whole lot of sweat and maybe some of the frustration you have had bottled up inside. You will feel good all over, and that feeling will carry you throughout the day. So join me for this awesome leg workout. I used a 20 lb kettlebell, my 30 lb sandbag and a pair of 10 lb dumbbells. Use what you have available to you. Please remember to work in your fitness level. Take breaks when you need too, and use the modifications if you are a beginner. The workout breakdown is below.

Set your timer for 5/20/5/50 3 rounds

(Do Jump Rope between each exercise)

1. Goblet Squat – Hold low & press weight out from chest/stand & press overhead
2. Kneeling Wood Chop Right (Kneel on Right knee/Left foot on floor – Twist weight down to right then overhead to left)
3. Kneeling Wood Chop Left (Kneel on Left Knee/Right foot on floor – Twist weight down to left then overhead to right)
4. Squat/Round house Kick Right/Reverse Lunge Left/Jump Switch Lunge (Repeat opposite way)
5. 2x Low Squat/4x Duck Walk/hop into plank/push-up/Hop up & turn (Repeat)
(Double Duck Burpee)
6. 2x Jump Lunge/Hop into Plank – 2x Cross Hand Walk Push-up/Hop up & repeat other way
7. Shoulder Press Right then Left then both
8. Frogger (Low Broad Jump Forward/hold/Jump squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift
9. Plank Jack/Frog Hop/hold squat & twist 1 hand to ceiling other at floor (Alternate)
10. Alternate Squat to Clean/Press and Twist overhead to side

Bonus: Abs 10/50 3 rounds

1. Mermaid Right
2. Mermaid Left
3. Side V-up Crunch Right
4. Side V-up Crunch Left
5. Competition Sit-up
6. Pelvic Tilt (Feet planted on Floor)