Don’t “Waist” My Time


So here is the video for today. Sorry it is a little late, it is Christmas Cookie Time. I have been mixing and baking all day long, but there is always time for a workout. The nice thing about this workout is you can customize it to your time frame. There are 8 exercises and I do them 4 times through for a total of 32 rounds. You do as many rounds as you feel comfortable doing. The workout breakdown is below. You can copy it down, or follow along with the video.

Set your timer for :10 rest/ :30 work  32 rounds.

1) Squat Woodchop Right on Ugi

2) Squat Woodchop Left on Ugi

3) Shoulder Tap Push-up

4) Egg Drop Jump Lunge Combo

5) Windmill

6) Renegade Row

7) Plank on Ball Right Knee under, Knee to shoulder then leg out

8) Plank on Ball Left Knee under, Knee to shoulder then leg out