Don’t Touch Me, I’m Sweaty

I came up with this title because of all the people who want to pat you on the shoulder or the back when they see you, even when you just finished a killer workout. Do you not see my skin glistening, or the soaking wet hair dripping down onto my shoulders? I flinch when they come near me, because I don’t want them to be mortified when they pull their hand away and it feels like they just stuck it in a bucket of water. I workout hard, and I sweat a lot. That is not changing any time soon.  So if you want a killer sweat filled workout, be daring and click on the play button of the video above. It is a long one.

I did two rounds of the first part. There are 10 exercises, and after each exercise I do another cardio/strength move for 5 second rest and 30 second work in 4 rounds. I used all of my equipment today. I have subscribers who have dumbbells or just a kettlebell. I wanted to show you that you can use any of the equipment you have in all the exercises. The breakdown is below. Remember to work at your fitness level and modify any exercises you feel you need to.

1.  Jump Squat – touch the ground                                                                            20x
2x Plank tap opposite hand to foot/Frog hop push-up                                              5/30 4 rounds

2. Manmaker with Dumbbell Row to Shoulder Press                                                 20x
BOSU Ball Plank Hop Over Side to Side                                                                  5/30 4 rounds

3. 2x Jump Lunge/Plies Jump Squat to Plank                                                            20x
BOSU Ball Burpee (or Thigh Burner Burpee)                                                           5/30 4 rounds

4. Pendulums                                                                                                             20x/leg
“T” Raise Push-up                                                                                                    5/30 4 rounds

5. Criss Cross Jack                                                                                                     20x
Stability Ball Roll in (or Knee Crunch Seated Position)                                           5/30 4 rounds

6. Kettlebell Swing to Alternate Reverse Lunge                                                         20x
Stability Ball Pike (or V-up)                                                                                      5/30 4 rounds

7. Olivia’s Low Squat (Kneel down/up step side squat low)                                      20x
Toe Tap Side off Top of Stability Ball                                                                        5/30 4 rounds

8. Dive Bombers                                                                                                        20x
Oblique Mountain Climbers                                                                                      5/30 4 rounds

9. Ski Hop Right then Left/Superman lift Right then Left                                           20x
Stability Ball Hand off                                                                                                5/30 4 rounds

10. Side Lateral Raise/Rear Delt/Up-Right Row                                                       20x
Hip Drop in Plank (Side to Side)                                                                               5/30 4 rounds

Bonus: Hip/Thigh/Butt  – 20 reps for each move three times

Repeat 3 times before moving on:
1a. Lying Left Side – Right Heel drop to floor in front of left foot
1b. Lying Left Side – Pull Right Knee to Floor by Chest/Press back
1c. Lying Left Side – Right/Left Feet together for Clam (Feet together & top leg opens and closes)

Repeat 3 times before moving on:
2a. Lying Right Side – Left Heel drop to floor in front of Right Foot
2b. Lying Right Side – Pull Left Knee to Floor by Chest/Press Back
2c. Lying Right Side – Left/Right Feet together for Clam (Feet together & top leg opens and closes)

Repeat 3 times:
4a. Glute Bridge Raise Up & Down (Keep butt off floor)
4b. Glute Bridge Pulse Up
4c. Glute Bridge Open Knees to Side and Pulse up
4d. Glute Bridge Feet Out/Knees in & Pulse up