Don’t Stop Workout


It was rainy and dreary here today, but I powered through my workout and felt great afterwards. I wanted a total body workout to start the week. It was too slippery on the floor to do any major jumping, so I stuck to my mat for all the exercises. I hit all the major body parts, and feel ready to take on the week. The workout consists of 10 exercises. I did them 3 full times through with a 10 second break and 50 second work. Work at your pace and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

1) Low Squat w/Alternating Step up to Bench

2) Frog Hop Push-up to Sandbag Drag

3) Alternating Toe Touch Sit-up

4) 3x’s Low Plie Pulse to Hop up

5) Dumbbell Plank Row

6) Dips

7) Sumo Squat/ Step Feet together touching Opposite heel to foot

8) Side to Side Knees

9) Ugi Plank Down Up then Side Toe Tap Right then Left

10) Surfer Pulse Jump