Don’t Stop Moving HIIT Workout

This mornings workout is a HIIT workout that we will do the first exercise for one minute and then the next for 45 seconds. We will continue to work down the exercises until we finish with number 7. We will repeat this 3 times. Always remember to work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to. I also have a bonus section that is 10 exercises of abdominals. We will go through that 3 times as well. You can do the bonus along with the first part, or you can save it and do it on a different day.

I used my 10 lb steel bell, 20 lb kettle bell, 15 lb dumbbell, 8 lb dumbbell, my BOSU Ball and 18″ box. All of these exercises can be done on the floor. I will show the modifications. The breakdown is below.

Set timer for 10/1:00/15/45 3 rounds

1. Drop Squat (Ball or Bell) – tap weight to right then left – hop into plank/hop up & 2x Jump Lunge – ball overhead

(:45) Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press & Overhead Extension

2. Right Row to Right Hand Tap Opposite foot – Frog Hop in & Switch Sides – Repeat on Left Side

(:45) Heavy Weight in Right Hand/Light Weight in Left Hand – Clean & Press Heavy weight/Twist to Right & punch Left Arm across Chest

3. Weighted Burpee Push-up with 2x Jumping Jack and Overhead Press

(:45) Heavy Weight in Left Hand/Light Weight in Right Hand – Clean & Press Heavy weight/Twist to Left & punch Right Arm across Chest

4. Squat Low with Alternating Step Knee Up to Bench

(:45) 2x Toe Tap on BOSU Ball – Jump Turn Squat

5. Plank Elbow Down-Up/Cross Hand Walk 1x Right/Hold/Hop feet in to Squat & twist up Right – Repeat going left

(:45) Kettlebell Swing Squat

6. Right Foot Elevated – Split Squat

(:45) Right Foot Squat Out then Right Reverse Cross Over Lunge

7. Left Foot Elevated – Split Squat

(:45) Left Foot Squat Out then Left Reverse Cross Over Lunge


Bonus: 15/45 3 rounds

1. Upper body – Head & Shoulders lifted (Hold) – slowly slide right foot out then back in/then left foot out and in

2. Crunch upper body up as you slowly slide right foot out and in/then left foot out and in

3. Elbow Plank Hold – Toe Taps Right then Left

4. Knees up – Right Foot out slow & in/then left foot out slow & in (Like you are using your foot to push a door shut)

5. Add Arms to #4 – As your right leg goes out the left arm goes overhead/then left foot out & right arm overhead

6. Knees Bent – Right Leg out/Left Elbow twist to right knee (Keep Left knee Bent)

7. Knees Bent – Left Leg out/Right Elbow twist to Left knee (keep right knee bent)

8. Hands in – Touch Feet – Shoot legs out & Arms extend overhead (or keep behind head) – head & shoulders lifted off floor

9. Stability Ball Hyperextension

10. Stability Ball Glute Raise