Dare to Go There

My workout today is perfect for those busy days that you’re crunched for time, but want to get a good sweat going. I only had an hour to get my workout in and a good stretch. Don’t make excuses, make it work! So if you feel pressed for time give this challenging workout a try.

Dare to Go There:  Set your gym boss timer on Stopwatch.  Perform the exercises 1 through 10, then go backwards 10 to 1.

(I did the workout in 18:54. I didn’t take a break, but you can stop at #10 for a minute before working backwards to 1.)

1) Front Lunges                                                                     26x

2) Prisoner Squats                                                                26x

3) Renegade Row                                                                 26x

4) Feet Elevated Push-up                                                     26x

5) Sandbag Swing                                                                 26x

6) Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift                                  26x

7) Dips                                                                                   26x

8)Plank Bench Jack Frog Hop                                              26x

9) Right Side Lunge Kick Front                                             26x

10) Left Side Lunge Kick Front                                             26x

I had a little more time so I thought I would throw in some Burpees.

Burpee  Push-up Ladder (1 to 10 then 10 to 1).

Set your gym boss timer for Stopwatch. You will perform a burpee with a push-up. Then with each burpee you will add another push-up on until you reach 10 push-ups. Then work backwards from 10 push-ups with your burpee, all the way down to 1.

1) Burpee with 1 push-up

2) Burpee with 2 push-ups

3) Burpee with 3 push-ups

4) Burpee with 4 push-ups

5) Burpee with 5 push-ups

6) Burpee with 6 push-ups

7) Burpee with 7 push-ups

8) Burpee with 8 push-ups

9) Burpee with 9 push-ups

10) Burpee with 10 push-ups

Take a minute to towel off, and then work backwards from number 10 to 1.

(It took me 4:40 to complete.)

Let me know how you did.