Crazy to the Core Workout

Stop and think for a moment. What is the least favorite part of your body? We all have one, and we fight daily to fix it. When working out doesn’t fix it, we try to camouflage it. For me, my trouble spot is my midsection. Now let me remind you that abs are not made in the gym, but rather the kitchen. I will be so bold as to say 80% of it is diet, and the other 20% is the gym. I don’t feel over weight, but I’m tired of the loose skin. Not tired enough to have surgery, but fed up with all the worthless crunches. So I started taking a Pilates Class once a week at the gym. I have learned to focus on my posture so that I sit and stand straighter, and hold my abdominals tighter. Last Friday in class our teacher did a new move, and I felt it all weekend. I wanted to share it with you, and what better way than in a new workout video. Today the workout is focused on the core, but there is also some cardio thrown in to keep the heart rate up so you’re burning fat. You cannot spot reduce, but you can do exercises that focus more on a specific area. That is what I tried to do today with this workout. If you would like to follow along, just click play. There are two parts to the workout, and an exercise breakdown below.

Part 1: Set Gym Boss Timer to 5/ 40/ 5/ 20  for 24 rounds

There is a 5 second break, followed by 40 seconds of the exercise. Another 5 second break, followed by 20 seconds of a cardio move.

1) Squat with Alternating Overhead Twist/ Burpee Plank Feet to Bench then Jump Tuck

2) Right Mermaid Pike/  Oblique Mountain Climbers

3) Left Mermaid Pike /  Oblique Mountain Climbers

4) Right Side Lunge Twist Up to Side Lunge Circle Around Knee Up/  Bench Plank Jack to Frog Hop

5) Left Side Lunge Twist Up to Side Lunge Circle Around Knee Up/  Bench Plank Jack to Frog Hop

6) Oblique Weighted Twist to Heels/  Ski Jump Right then Left to Burpee


Part 2: Egg Drop Combo   5:00 Countdown

Hold weight (Ball) in front of chest and broad jump forward. Raise ball overhead and hold for 6 Jump Lunges. Drop ball and drop into a low squat to catch the ball before it hits the floor. Place ball on floor and hop over it. Hold low for 3 Pulse Squats. Reach between legs and grab ball. Hop and turn. Repeat facing opposite way. Keep going until the beeper goes off.