Crazy Cardio H.I.I.T. (Revisited)

I thought this workout was hard the first time I did it. It was just as hard this time around. Then I realized as I was reading the original post, that I did the workout and nothing else before it. Today I did a driveway workout. I was up early and didn’t want to start recording and wake everyone up in the house. So I went out on the driveway and did my 1/4 mile runs with some sandbag training. If you’re interested in that kind of workout, check out my epic sweat post. I go to the track and run 1/4 miles then in between I do strength exercises. It was still dark out this morning so I did it in our neighborhood instead of at the local track.

Here is the link to the Crazy Cardio H.I.I.T. Workout.

The exercises are below so you can copy it. Enjoy.

Part 1:  Set your timer for 10 second rest / 50 second work and 30 rounds (there are 15 exercises & we will go through it twice)

1) Sandbag Swing

2) Burpee w/ Push-up

3) Thigh Burners

4) Sandbag Clean & Press

5) Plank Bench Jack w/Push-up

6) V-Ups

7) Squat w/Alternating Side leg Lift

8) Push-up w/Alternating “T” Raise

9) Bag Clean w/2x’s Right Reverse Lunge Pulse

10) Side Lunge Right w/Overhead Circle

11) Right Leg Burpee w/Push-up

12) Bag Clean w/2x’s Left Reverse Lunge Pulse

13) Side Lunge Left w/Overhead Circle

14) Left Leg Burpee w/Push-up

15) Roll-up tap Right then Left side


Part 2: Hit the Deck   

Here is the link to Hit the Deck

Set your timer for stop watch (I completed part 2 in 23:04)

For this workout you need a deck of cards. Face cards – Jacks, Queens, and Kings = 10 reps  /  Aces = 11 reps / all the number cards you do the number shown on the card for the reps. When you finish this workout, you will have done 96 repetitions of each exercises.

Hearts = Burpees

Diamonds = Push-ups

Spade = Sandbag Roll-up 

Clubs = Squats