Crazy Cardio H.I.I.T.

I think todays workout was 10 sweat drops out of 10.  I was only 4 moves into it and the sweat was rolling down into my eyes.

I was in the gym early waiting to take the Pilates class. I didn’t want to lift so I took two H.I.I.T. workouts and made them into one. I will put the workouts into two parts with descriptions.  You can do both in one workout, if you feel adventurous, or you can do them as two separate workouts.

I did a warm-up with the Jump Rope. I used my Gym Boss timer – 30 second work/ 10 second rest     20 rounds.

After my warm-up, I set everything up for the first H.I.I.T. workout. I used my 30 lb. sandbag, a 25 lb. plate, an 8.8 lb. medicine ball and a 7.5 lb. dumbbell.

Michele’s Cardio Explosion – Dead Legs   50 second work/ 10 second   30 rounds (15 exercises / 2x’s through)

1) Sandbag Swing

2) Burpee w/Push-up

3) Squat w/Low Toe Touch left then right

(Squat low. Hold in low squat, lift right foot up and tap w/left hand. Then lift left foot up and tap w/right hand. Back up)

4) Sandbag Clean & Press

5) Plank jumps off Bench w/Push-up

(Feet on Bench. Hop feet down to sides, then back up. Hold and do 1 push-up)

6) V-ups

7) Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift

8) Push-up w/Alternating “T” Raise

9) Bag Clean w/2x’s Right Reverse Lunge Pulse

(Squat down & grab bag. Roll up to chest. Hold/ lunge right leg back and pulse 2x’s. Feet back together / roll bag onto floor. Repeat)

10) Bag Clean w/2x’s Left Reverse Lunge Pulse

(Repeat like #9, but use left leg to lunge pulse.)

11) One Legged Burpee (Right)

12) Side Lunge Right / Up and twist weight over shoulder to left side

(Lunge to right side, tap weight on floor. Come back to center / twist to left side lifting weight over left shoulder.)

13) One Legged Burpee (Left)

14) Side Lunge Left / Up and twist weight over shoulder to right side

(Lunge to left side, tap weight on floor. Come back to center/twist to right side lifting weight over right shoulder.)

15) Roll-up w/ tap side right then left

(Do a roll-up, hold, tap weight on floor right then twist and tap on left side. Back to front & roll down.)

1) 29, 28

2) 10,10

3) 9, 10

4) 10,10

5) 18, 16

6) 24, 21

7) 21, 22  (sandbag)

8) 9, 9   (7.5 lb. dumbbell)

9) 9, 8

10) 8, 8

11) 9, 8

12) 11, 16 (25 lb. plate, 8.8lb. medicine ball)

13) 8, 7

14) 11, 11 (25 lb. plate, 8.8 lb. medicine ball)

15) 8, 8 (25 lb. plate)


Part II:  Hit the Deck          Stopwatch

For this workout you need a deck of cards. Face cards – Jacks, Queens, and Kings = 10 reps  /  Aces = 11 reps / all the number cards you do the number shown on the card for the reps. When you finish this workout, you will have done 96 repetitions of each exercises.

I completed this workout in 18:15

Hearts = Burpees

Diamonds = Push-ups

Spade = Sandbag Roll-up 

Clubs = Squats