Crazy 8 Workout

I had a long road trip this weekend and I took my favorite sandbag along because I knew I would need to burn off some tension from the car ride. I usually travel with some gear when I’m not sure what the hotel fitness center will be like. Here’s my hotel workout. The guests just stared at me as usual.

This workout is in two parts and I will break them down. All you’ll need is a stop watch to keep track of your time. (And a sandbag to turn it up a notch.)

Part 1:  Crazy 8 Workout  (2x’s through)

1) Front Lunges                                                                 30x

2) Thigh Burners                                                                15x

3) Side to Side Lunges                                                      30x

4) Mountain Climbers                                                      50x (right and left = 1 repetition)

5) Frog Hop Push-up                                                       15x

6) Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift                              20x

(Sorry, I thought I had a video for this one.  It’s on my “to do” list.)

7) Jump Lunges                                                                 30x

8) Manmakers                                                                   15x


Part 2:  Titanium Abs   (4x’s through)

1) Burpee                                                                              10x

2) Windmill                                                                              20x

3) Bird Dog Right                                                                    20x

4) Bird Dog Left                                                                      20x

5) Alternating Toe Touch Sit-up                                            20x

6) Side to Side Knees                                                            20x

7) Jumping Jacks                                                                   50x

(I did part 1 in 17:46 and part 2 in 23:49)