The Continual Movement Kettlebell Workout


I used my 20 lb. Kettlebell for the first part of this workout. Choose a weight that you can handle for the entire workout. The second part of the workout is a way to be creative with your kettlebells. If you are anything like me you only have one kettlebell in the pound range. I don’t treat my kettlebells like dumbbells, so I don’t have two of every size. It is very costly and takes up way too much space at this point.  If you use a towel like I show you in my video, you will get way more use out of your kettlebells. The first part of my workout is a 10 second rest and 40 second work. There are 10 exercises, and I did the workout three times through. For the second part of the workout, I used different sized kettlebells and a towel. You can do this if you don’t have a sandbag or any other equipment for strength moves. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1:  :10 rest/ :40 work  10 rounds for 3 times

1. Right Hand Kettlebell Swing
2. Two Hand Kettlebell Swing
3. Left Hand Kettlebell Swing
4. Side to Side 1 Handed Push-up on Kettlebell
5. Halo Squat Alternate Sides
6. Around the Waist Right
7. Around the Waist Left
8. Side Lunge Figure 8
9. Kettlebell Snatch Right
10. Kettlebell Snatch Left

Part 2:  :10 rest/ :30 work  24 rounds

1. Bicep Curl
2. Tricep Extension
3. One Legged Right Arm Row
4. One Legged Left Arm Row
5. Quick Draw Right
6. Quick Draw Left