Cirque Du Sweat

This was a tough full body workout today. It was a collaboration between my wonderful husband and myself. I came up with the workout, and he took one look at it and blurted out the title. I broke it into two parts. The first part is more cardiovascular with mountain climbers and jump lunges. And the second part focuses more on squats, lunges and push-ups. It hasn’t been a full day and I am already feeling it in my shoulders.

You can press play and follow along with me in the video. A full breakdown of the workout is below. If you are a beginner, I would recommend doing it without the weight until you get comfortable with the moves.

Part 1:  Set Gymboss timer for 10 second rest/ 20 second work     16 rounds

1) Ugi Ball Mountain Climber

2) Ugi Ball Jump Lunges


Part 2:  Set Gymboss Timer for Stopwatch. Perform 10x/ 8x/ 6x/ 4x/ 2x

1) Straddle bench – squat low and hop up onto bench. Clean & Press sandbag or weight. Hop off back and into a plank for 2 Close Grip Push-ups. Place hands on bench and hop feet forward to straddle bench. Repeat.

2) 4 jump squats touch the ground. Hop into a plank and perform a traveling push-up. Hold for a cross knee crunch right then left. Perform 1 more traveling push-up. Hop feet in and up. Repeat on other side.

3) Sandbag on left shoulder, reverse lunge right leg and then side lunge right leg. Shift weight to right shoulder and reverse lunge left leg, then side lunge left leg.

Repeat each exercise 10 times before repeating for 8 repetitions. You will work your way down to 2 repetitions.