Christmas Calorie Crusher Workout


Happy New Year to all. I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. It was very nice here. My mom came down and stayed with us for Christmas. We haven’t spent Christmas with her and my dad for about nine years. My dad passed away last April, so we wanted it to be a special Christmas for her.

I enjoyed the holidays, but I am ready to get back to my videos. I have a new and exhausting workout for you. There are 10 exercises and in between each exercise will be a burst of cardio. I am doing BOSU Plank Jacks and Hop overs for my cardio, but I give you alternatives if you don’t have a BOSU Ball. I am using my 20 lb kettlebell, 30 lb sandbag, 35 lb E-Z Curl Bar, and several sizes of dumbbells. You don’t need all that. I show you variations on the moves if you don’t have the equipment. The breakdown is below. Remember to work at your own pace, and take breaks when you need to.

Set you timer for 5/30/5/45 3 rounds

(Do 10x Plank Jacks Off BOSU, and 10x Plank Hop Over BOSU between each exercise)

1. Right Arm Burpee to Front Raise
2. Hovering Knee Crunch in to V-Up
3. Left Arm Burpee to Front Raise
4. Burpee Sandbag Clean and Press
5. 2x Plank Jack to Alternating Kick Through
6. Light Good Mornings to Alternate Reverse X-Over Lunge
7. Alternate Reverse Lunge with Around the World
8. 2x Plies Squat to Plies Jump Squat Burpee
9. Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift
10. Down/Up with Bag Drag to Frog Hop


Bonus: 20/16 3 rounds
(You do the first exercise for 20 reps then the second for 16 reps. Continue going back and forth in honor of the new year.)

1. Right Hand Heavy – Left Hand Light                                                                                20x
(Clean & Press – Punch out to Side)
2. Squat to Shoulder Press/hold/Alternate Reverse Lunge with tricep extension                16x
3. Left Hand Heavy – Right Hand Light                                                                                20x
(Clean & Press – Punch out to Side)
4. Bicep Curl Close (E-Z Curl Bar) or Dumbbells cross and touch opposite shoulder          16x
5. Right Dumbbell Row – Switch hands Twist & Press Left arm Overhead                          20x
6. Bicep Curl Wide (E-Z Curl Bar or dumbbells)                                                                   16x
7. Left Dumbbell Row – Switch hands Twist & Press Right arm Overhead                          20x
8. Side Shoulder Raise – Start behind the back & twist & press palms up                           16x