Homemade Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar



I am so tired of searching for good tasting, dairy and peanut free granola bars, so I have decided to try making my own. These bars turned out so well that I have my kids reaching for them. They should be considered a treat, not part of your regular diet. They are healthier than a candy bar, but still are high in calories and fat. I took one along when my husband and I did our 30 mile bike ride this weekend. I couldn’t eat the entire bar, they are more dense than the ones you buy in the store. I shared it with a stranger that we met on the bike ride. He was worn out and needed a little something to finish his ride. I will have the nutrition information broken down below the directions for the recipe. I hope you enjoy, and are inspired to make a few different kinds of bars yourself.


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Granola Bars:
3 cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 cup Rice Krispies Cereal
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
3/4 cup Almond Butter, or Peanut Butter
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
1/3 cup Honey, or Maple Syrup
1 Egg (You can omit this if you have an egg allergy. I tried and it doesn’t really affect the recipe)
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
3/4 teaspoon Salt
3/4 cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees. Place aluminum foil in an 8 x 8 baking pan and set aside.

Place rolled oats, protein powder and rice krispies in a mixing bowl and set aside.

In a sauce pan over medium heat, melt almond butter and coconut oil for 1 minute stirring constantly. Stir in honey, brown sugar, salt and vanilla extract. When it’s all combined and smooth, remove from heat and add egg while stirring vigorously.

Pour the wet mixture over the dry mixture and stir until all combined. Stir in 2/3 cup of the chocolate chips. Press into the 8 x 8 pan. Then sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips over top and press into the dough with your fingers. Bake for 21 – 24 minutes, or until set and edges are lightly brown. Allow to cool in pan for another 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely on wire rack. Cut in half, and then cut 5 bars from each half to make 10 bars. (You can cut the bars smaller if you would like.)

Nutritional Information: 1 Bar (95 grams)

Calories: 295
Fat: 13.55
Carbohydrates: 33.93
Protein: 10.36

(These bars are very dense compared to store bought. I think a store bought kashi bar is 35 grams. So if you cut the bar in half, you will have similar nutritional values without all the other preservatives.)