Maria’s Three’s a Charm Workout

Maria asked if I could do a workout with repetitions and do three rounds through. I came up with 10 exercises. I have the number of repetitions for each exercise next to it. I used my Step Bench, 30 lb sandbag, 20 lb Kettlebell and my 10 lb dumbbells. Remember to always work in your fitness level. Take breaks when you need to. I did three rounds through if you want to follow me through the entire workout. You don’t need to do all three rounds, you can stop when you want. The workout breakdown is below.


Set timer for Stopwatch.  There are 10 exercises and I will do the workout three times through.

1. Walk Out to Push-up/Hop feet in to Hands/Hop up and turn (Repeat)                   20x
2. Commando Push-up Right then Left/Roll-over/4x Oblique Mountain Climbers     10x
3. Right Reverse Lunge/Right Side Lunge to Kick Front (Repeat)                             20x
4. Left Reverse Lunge/Left Side Lunge to Kick Front (Repeat)                                  20x
5. Plank Down/Up – Sandbag Drag – Rotate to Side Plank                                       20x
6. Elevated Plank Jack to Frog Hop/Tap opposite Hand to Foot                                10x
7. Kneel Down/Up (Hold Low)/Squat Out to Side                                                       20x
8. Plank Jacks                                                                                                                   20x
9. Low Broad Jump Burpee Push-up                                                                               20x
10. Single Arm Swing to Figure 8 Squat                                                                       20x



Cardio Hit the Deck Workout

I had a request the other day for a variation on the “Hit the Deck” workout. It is a workout that you use a deck of cards. Each suit represents a different exercise. The nice thing about the workout is you can do so many different exercises and it is a different workout every time you shuffle the deck. I focused on more cardio strength moves today, but you can use the concept and put in any exercises you would like to do. You set your timer for “stopwatch mode”, and work at your own pace. Take breaks when you need to, and modify the exercises to fit your level. The workout breakdown is below. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 10 lb set of dumbbells and my 18″ box. I show you alternative moves if you don’t have the equipment, or you are a beginner just starting out.

Set timer for Stopwatch:

Hearts = Sandbag Clean & Press
Diamonds = Box Jumps
Clubs = V-up touch under legs
Spades = Plies Squat Jumps

(You do the number of reps based on the number on the card)

Ace = 11x Burpee Chair Sit with Front Raise
Jacks, Queens, Kings = 10x exercise in the suit



Make it Count Workout

This was a fun workout this morning. I don’t know if it was because I had been waiting to do it since I got up at 5:00 am, but it sure did feel good. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I used several props for this workout, but I explain in the workout that you don’t need them to get a good workout. You can use what you have available to you. I used my 10lb, Ugi ball & Steel Bell, my 18″ box, my 30lb sandbag & a pair of dumbbells or a resistance tube. I show you different variations so that no matter what your level, or what equipment you have, you can still do the workout.

The workout breakdown is below. Set your timer for 15 seconds rest and 1:00 work for 10 rounds. We are going to do this 3 times through. Then we have a bonus finisher at the end. A little shoulder and abdominal work. You can hit the play button and follow along with me, or copy the exercises & do them at your convenience.

15/60 10 rounds, 3 times through:

1. Right Arm Burpee/Hold Squat Shoulder Raise
2. Left Arm Burpee/Hold Squat Shoulder Raise
3. Alternate Roundhouse Kick over Box/Squat to Side/Reverse Lunge with Kick Front
4. 4x’s Dip/4x’s V-up off box
5. Side Lunge/Clean to Front Lunge with Overhead Press
6. Right Side Plank Reach Through to Front Kick
7. Left Side Plank Reach Through to Front Kick
8. Burpee Snatch/Hold Overhead Reverse Lunge Right then Left
9. Squat Ball to outside Right Knee/Twist Over Left Shoulder
10. Squat Ball to outside Left Knee/Twist Over Right Shoulder

Bonus:  Finisher  30 second work for 6 rounds.  Repeat 3 times.

1. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise from behind the back
2. Right Hand to Left Leg Lift V-up
3. Left Hand to Right Leg Lift V-up
4. Knee Roll in on Foam Roller/Out to Upward Dog
5. Bicycle Slow/pass weight between Knees
6. 4x’s Strict Mountain Climbers/1x Push-up

Do what is comfortable for you. Work within you fitness level, but always try to push yourself a little. That is how we get stronger & fitter.

Be Happy,


BOSU Oblique H.I.I.T. Workout


This video is strictly about working the obliques. I did it after the 300 Rep Killer Workout. I wanted the video to stand alone because there are days that I lift and want a quick, but effective, core workout afterwards. I used my BOSU Ball and a kettlebell. If you don’t have the BOSU Ball, I give you the option of doing the exercises on the floor.

Set your timer for 10 second break/ 50 second work and 8 rounds. The break down is below.

1. Right Leg Pike on BOSU/ Plank forward with right knee to left hand
2. Left Leg Pike on BOSU/ Plank forward with left knee to right hand
3. Right Side Reach over BOSU Crunch Up
4. Left Side Reach over BOSU Crunch Up




Homemade Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar



I am so tired of searching for good tasting, dairy and peanut free granola bars, so I have decided to try making my own. These bars turned out so well that I have my kids reaching for them. They should be considered a treat, not part of your regular diet. They are healthier than a candy bar, but still are high in calories and fat. I took one along when my husband and I did our 30 mile bike ride this weekend. I couldn’t eat the entire bar, they are more dense than the ones you buy in the store. I shared it with a stranger that we met on the bike ride. He was worn out and needed a little something to finish his ride. I will have the nutrition information broken down below the directions for the recipe. I hope you enjoy, and are inspired to make a few different kinds of bars yourself.


photo 2

Granola Bars:
3 cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 cup Rice Krispies Cereal
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
3/4 cup Almond Butter, or Peanut Butter
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
1/3 cup Honey, or Maple Syrup
1 Egg (You can omit this if you have an egg allergy. I tried and it doesn’t really affect the recipe)
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
3/4 teaspoon Salt
3/4 cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees. Place aluminum foil in an 8 x 8 baking pan and set aside.

Place rolled oats, protein powder and rice krispies in a mixing bowl and set aside.

In a sauce pan over medium heat, melt almond butter and coconut oil for 1 minute stirring constantly. Stir in honey, brown sugar, salt and vanilla extract. When it’s all combined and smooth, remove from heat and add egg while stirring vigorously.

Pour the wet mixture over the dry mixture and stir until all combined. Stir in 2/3 cup of the chocolate chips. Press into the 8 x 8 pan. Then sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips over top and press into the dough with your fingers. Bake for 21 – 24 minutes, or until set and edges are lightly brown. Allow to cool in pan for another 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely on wire rack. Cut in half, and then cut 5 bars from each half to make 10 bars. (You can cut the bars smaller if you would like.)

Nutritional Information: 1 Bar (95 grams)

Calories: 295
Fat: 13.55
Carbohydrates: 33.93
Protein: 10.36

(These bars are very dense compared to store bought. I think a store bought kashi bar is 35 grams. So if you cut the bar in half, you will have similar nutritional values without all the other preservatives.)