Cardio/Strength Burn Workout


I wanted to get a workout in before the rain came. The workout I did today required no equipment. I know some of you are just getting started and may not have equipment for workouts. In the video I show you the exercises and the modifications for them. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1: 10/50 3 rounds
1. 3x Cross Hand Walk/Push-up/3x Jump Squat
2. Switch Lunge with Kick Front
3. 2x Plank Toe Tap/2x Shoulder Tap Push-up
4. V-Up to Hands overhead touch hand to side of floor (pass weight from hand to hand)
5. 5x Plank Jack/Push-up/Hop in to hold Squat & twist arm to ceiling

Part 2: 10/50 3 rounds
1. Dive Bombers
2. Plank Cross Over Walk/Hold 3x Hovering Pulse Push-up
3. “T’ Raise Push-up/Bottom Knee crunch in
4. Crab Dance (Floor, box or bench)
5. Hovering V-up Bicycle