Cardio HIIT 1

I decided to do one of my own creations this morning for my cardio HIIT workout today before my yoga class. It really sounded good when I was thinking it up in my head. Even as I wrote it down, I didn’t think it was too bad. Well, I can honestly say when I finished I was not craving anymore in a workout. I was exhausted and definitely looking forward to stretching in yoga.

I have the workout set up into four parts. I took a 30 second break between each part to towel off and get a drink. I would recommend 1 minute or less between each part, but you take as long as you feel necessary.


Part 1:  Perform 3 rounds and time yourself.

1 Medicine Ball Criss Cross Jack                                          20 reps

2 Sumo Squat w/Alternating Knee Lifts                                  20 reps

3 Bench Step Jumping Jacks                                                 20 reps

4 Curtsy Lunge                                                                        20 reps

5 Froggers                                                                                20 reps


Part 2:  4 minute count down

2 Walking Push-ups with Pendulums


Part 3:  4 minute count down

Wall-up Frog Hop Combo

You do 5 repetitions of each move for one set.


Part 4:  50 second work / 10 second rest – 8 rounds

1 V-up on Ugi Ball

2 Lying Leg Raises

3 Side Plank Hip Dip with kick Out

Perform all repetitions on the Right Side

4 Side Plank Hip Dip with Kick Out

Perform all repetitions on the Left Side