Cardio H.I.I.T. Circuit


I know it has been a while. Summer is rough because we get a lot of rain here in Florida. I do the workouts on my back patio and it becomes slippery. We had an unbelievably wet summer this year. Usually it rains and then it is nice. There were many days where we woke up and it was raining and never stopped. But it is nice now so I plan on taking advantage of the weather. I have been doing the workouts at the gym. Now I need to record them and share with everyone.

Todays workout is a circuit. You will perform 3 exercises for each circuit. I did a 10 second rest with 45 second work, and repeated the circuit a second time before moving to the next circuit. I also had a Butt/Leg/Ab finisher at the end. There were 5 sets of groups, and each exercise was performed for 20 seconds with no rest. You can decide how many rounds you want to do. If you feel like you want more just hit play again. The equipment I used for the workout was a set of 15 lb dumbbells, my 18″ box, my BOSU Ball and my 30 lb sandbag. I give you modifications on all the exercise. So no worries, you can do this workout if you are a beginner or advanced. The workout breakdown is below.

Circuit 1: 10/45 2 rounds
1. Plank Jacks on BOSU (box or Floor)
2. Pike Jump Side to Side Over BOSU (Floor or box)
3. Burpee w/2x Jump Lunge

Circuit 2: 10/45 2 rounds
4. Skater
5. Box Jump (no box – Jump Tuck or high knees)
6. Feet Elevated – Plank Down/up with bag drag

Circuit 3: 10/45 2 rounds
7. Plank Dumbbell Row to Push-up
8. Right Step up/knee lift/down to squat out left side
9. Left Step up/knee lift/down to squat out right side

Circuit 4: 10/45 2 rounds
10. Lateral Hop Over to Burpee
11. Goblet Squat
12. Dumbbell V-up/hold/Russian Twist right then left

Finisher: 20 second work/no rest each exercise for 2 rounds
1. Plie Squat/Plie Pulse Squat/Static Hold Plie Squat
2. Right Reverse Lunge with rear leg lift/Hold lunge stationary & drop right knee towards floor/Static hold Right Reverse Lunge
3. Left Reverse Lunge with rear leg lift/Hold lunge stationary & drop left knee towards floor/Static hold Left Reverse Lunge
4. Right Side V-up Crunch/Left Side V-up Crunch/Hold V-up positon
5. Right Side Plank Hip Dip/Left Side Plank Hip Dip/Hold Plank position