Cardio Ab Workout

So this was the bonus part of the workout yesterday. I had planned on doing this at the end of the Unbreakable Workout. If you would like, you can add it to the end, or do it on a different day. It hits the obliques really well, and gives you some cardio too. You really only need one weight for the workout. I showed you in the video how to use a kettlebell, sandbag, dumbbell or ball. The workout breakdown is below.

Set timer for 5/30/5/30 do each couplet for 3 rounds
(if you have a regular gymboss timer set it for 5/30 for 6 rounds each couplet)

1a. Right Side Lunge to Right Front Kick
1b. Left Side Plank – Elbow tuck under

2a. Left Side Lunge to Left Front Kick
2b. Right Side Plank – Elbow tuck under

3a. Squat Weight to left foot/Clean/Press & Twist over Right Shoulder
3b. Bicycle Left Side on Floor – Crunch top elbow to bottom knee as you pull it in

4a. Squat Weight to right foot/Clean/Press & Twist over Left Shoulder
4b. Bicycle Right Side on Floor – Crunch top elbow to bottom knee as you pull it in

5a. Ski Hop right (Twist hip to floor)/Hop Left (Twist Hip to floor)
5b. “T” Raise Push-up

6a. Left Side Lunge/Up & Twist over Right Shoulder
6b. Right V-up (Lay on left side)

7a. Right Side Lunge/Up & Twist over Left Shoulder
7b. Left V-up (Lay on right side)

8a. (Elevated) Plank Side Toe Taps
8b. (Elevated)Plank Leg Lifts