“Butt” It’s Going to Hurt Workout


The holidays are officially over, and the kids headed back to school today. All with long faces, I might add. I thought I would do a stopwatch workout today since I wasn’t pressed for time. I wanted to focus on the butt today, since many people probably made their New Year’s Resolution to get off their butts and workout. I did add a few moves in that got the heart rate up and made you sweat a little. If you are a beginner there are several ways to approach this workout. You can do 1 time through the entire workout and stop. Build up to where you can do another round or two. The other way you can do this workout is take a break between each round to catch your breath. If you are following along with my video, just pause it and start when you’re ready. If you are doing it on your own, take your breaks when you feel like you really need it. The workout breakdown is below. If you are following along with the video, there are stretches that I do at the end. You can either stretch on your own, or stretch along with me. Just please make sure that you stretch when you’re done working out.

Set timer for stopwatch. I used the Disc Slides for the side lunges. You can use a paper plate or nothing at all. I used my 10 lb. Ugi Ball. You can use a medicine ball. I also used a set of 10 lb. dumbbells.

1) Right Foot on Disc – Right Side Slide Lunge to Reverse Cross-Over Lunge                 10x

2) Left Foot on Disc – Left Side Slide Lunge to Reverse Cross-Over Lunge                      10x

3) 3x Plank Jack on Ball then Burpee with Ball                                                                   10x

4) Heel Bridge on Ball Glute Squeeze                                                                                 30x

(If you don’t want to do Glute Lifts, you can do Prisoner Squats)

5) 2x Down Up in Plank/ 2x Walking Push-up to 4 Plank Jacks to a Burpee                       10x

6) Skier Swings                                                                                                                     30x

7) Goblet Squat with Pulse at Bottom                                                                                   10x

8) Wide Heel Bridge Glute Squeeze (feet on Floor & Knees together)                                 30x

(If you don’t want to do Glute Lifts, you can do a Sumo Squat)

It took me 33:04 to get through the entire workout. Let me know how you did.