Butt, Biceps, & More

Today’s lifting program was very cardio and balance intense. I really wanted to focus on keeping my abdominals tight through the moves, and avoid using momentum to lift the weight. Today’s program was also heavy on the glutes and biceps, with a little bit of shoulders thrown in. I had an explosive move in each of my circuits today just to keep the heart rate up and the legs a little fatigued so I could use a lighter weight and still feel the muscles work.

The nice thing about my workouts are they can be modified for any one. If you don’t want heavy cardio, then you eliminate the cardio move in each circuit. If you want more muscle, you lower the repetitions and use a heavier weight. Because I’m doing large circuits in a workout, I only use 70% of the maximum weight that I can lift. Then I don’t have to worry about injury. I am still fatigued, sweating and breathing hard as I do my workout. That is my gauge as to whether I am using the right amount of weight. The last few repetitions in every set should be a bit of struggle. When it becomes too easy, I either need to increase the weight or the repetitions. Also I change my groups so frequently that it never really seems to get easier. I am constantly confusing those muscles, either with a different order of the exercises or a different group of working muscles.

If you are a beginner just starting out, I would recommend doing 2 sets the first few times you do the program. When they begin to feel easier you can increase the sets to 3. I wouldn’t recommend increasing the weight until you are doing 4 sets and they feel easy.


Circuit 1:

1) Butt Blaster on the Smith Machine                                          4 sets x 20 reps = 50 lbs

(Click the link to see the video. If possible, I always recommend the Smith Machine over a Butt Blaster Machine. On the Butt Machine you have a tendency to use more of the quadricep because of the range of motion on the machine.)

2) Squat on Ugi w/Rubber Tube Press-down                      4 sets x 20 reps = resistance tube

(Wrap the tube around the top of the Smith Machine. Place the ball far enough out that there is resistance on the tube when your arms are extended out in front of you at chest height. Squat as low as you can go on the ball. Try and drop the butt off the back of the ball, keeping the knees behind the toes and lined up with the ankles. As you squat down, press the hands down to the sides. Raise up from the squat and allow your arms to come up so they are parallel with the floor. There should always be some resistance on the tubing.)

3) Zottman Curl                                                                   4 sets x 12 reps = 15 lb dumbbells

(Click the link to see the video.)

4) Bench Plank Jacks                                                          4 sets x 20 reps = Body weight

(Place your feet on the bench and your hands on the floor in a plank position. Keep your back flat and your abdominals tight. Hop your feet off the sides of the bench. Then hop them back up while maintaining a tight core.)


Circuit 2:

1) Leg Press on Smith Machine                                                        4 sets x 20 reps = 110 lbs

(Click the link for a how-to video.)

2) Lying Alternating Bicep Dumbbell Curls                                  4 sets x 15 reps = 15 lb Dumbbells

(Click the link for a how-to video.)

3) Squat on Ugi w/Dumbbell Shoulder Press                               4 sets x 15 reps = 15 lb Dumbbells

(Click the link for a how-to video.)

4) Feet Elevated Mountain Climbers                                           4 sets x 25 reps = body weight

(In a plank position with your feet on the wall. Stay level, keep your back flat. Do mountain climbers, pulling the knees to the chest and back against the wall. Hold your abdominals tight. Right then left = 1 rep.)


Circuit 3:

1) Deadlift                                                          4 sets x 15 reps = 20 lbs (on 45 lb Olympic Bar)

(Stand on bench, squat down and grip bar right outside of your feet.  Straighten the legs. While keeping the arms straight, rise up holding the bar in your hands. The movement is all at the waist. To stand, you are contracting the hamstrings and the gluteus. Once standing, slightly press those hips out contracting the lower back while rolling the shoulders back. Bend at the waist slowly lowering the bar down to your toes. By standing on the bench, you can lower the weight further and feel the stretch in the hamstrings.)

2) Alternating Jumping Toe Taps to bench              4 sets x 20 reps = body weight

(Straddle the bench, while hopping, alternate tapping the right toe then the left toe on top of the bench. Right then left tap = 1 rep. If the hop is too much, take it out.  Just alternate tapping, but remember when you bring your toe to the bench focus on squeezing the butt.)

3) Multi Bicep Curl                                                       4 sets x 21 reps = 30 lb barbell

(Click the link for a how-to video.)

4) Reverse Crossover Lunge                                    4 sets x 15 reps each side = sandbag

(Stand with weight on right shoulder, lunge right foot back crossing behind left foot and dropping knee toward the floor. Focus on tightening the butt. Return to start. Complete all on the right, then switch the weight to the left and complete all on the left.)


Circuit 4:

1) Outer Thigh Machine                                                 4 sets x 30 reps = 135 lbs

(When seated on the Outer thigh machine, slide your butt to the edge of the seat. Point your toes in and press the weight out. Return the legs halfway and continue to pulse out only ever letting your legs come back half way. This keeps the hips contracted, and forces you to use the outer thighs to move the weight.

2) Low Squat Pulse w/Ugi between Thighs                  4 sets x 20 reps = 10 lb Ugi Ball

(Place the ball between your thighs, above the knees. Squeeze the ball with your thighs to hold it in place. Drop into a low squat position. Stay low and pulse down toward the ground. Keep the knees lined up with the ankles and behind the toes.)

3) Reverse Side Lunge                                                   4 sets x 20 reps = sandbag

(Stand with weight at shoulders, step back with right leg and out to the side lowering the knee toward the floor. Think of a clock, your  right foot would be in the 5 position. Press and come back in. Then step back with the left and off to the side lowering the knee toward the floor. Think of a clock, your left foot would be in the 7 position.)

4) Burpee                                                                        4 sets x 10 reps = body weight