Bust Your Butt Workout (Revisited)

I decided to go back and revisit my old posts and include a video of me doing the workout for those who would like to follow along. I will include the exercises with descriptions in my blog so that you don’t have to listen to me explain it on the video. This workout has two parts with two different videos. If you do both videos, it will take you approximately 40 minutes to complete. You could also break the videos up and do one video on one day, and do the other video on a different day. You decide based on your fitness level.

The first workout has 5 parts and each part is a timed segment. This first workout will take you 24 minutes to complete. I will do a complete breakdown below of all the parts and the exercises. Here is the link to the video if you would rather get right to the work.

Bust Your Butt Workout

Part 1: Jump Lunge Egg Drop Combo ( 6:00 minute countdown)

Hold ball and jump forward. Hold ball overhead and do 6 jump lunges. Hold ball overhead and drop the ball. Lower into a squat and catch ball before it hits the floor. Drop ball to the floor and hop over it. Stay low and do 3 low pulse squats. Reach through legs and grab ball. Hold ball and hop and turn. Repeat.

Part 2: Push-up right turn Kick Combo  (2:00 countdown)/  Push-up left turn Kick Combo (2:00 countdown)

Do a push-up and turn to right side plank. Hold in side plank and lift left leg in the air and then kick out to side. Turn to plank position and repeat. Stay on right for 2 minutes before switching to the left side. Repeat the combo for 2 minutes, turning to the left side.

Part 3:  Warrior Gauntlet with Frogger  (6:00 minute countdown)

Roll back with legs in the air. Roll forward and hop into a plank. Do 2 push-up, then hop up and hop forward. Squat and right side leg lift then squat and left side leg lift.

Part 4:  Plank Circuit   (2:00 minute countdown)

In elbow plank position, do a pike plank. Hold in plank and pull right knee in and then pull left knee in 2 times. Repeat.

Part 5:  Leg Explosion Roll-over to Burpee  (6:00 minute countdown)

Hold in plank position and do 10 Pendulums, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 Plank Jacks. Lay down on stomach and roll-over to other side. Hop feet in and hop up into a Burpee. Down and repeat with Pendulums.


I moved into Pilates Abs to finish off my workout. Here is the link for the complete video if you would like to follow along.

Pilates Abs Video

Below is the description of the exercises.

Set your timer for Stopwatch. It took me 16:43 to complete this part of the workout.

1)Slow Bicycle                                                       20x

(You just pull the knees in. No twist with the elbows)

2) High Knee Jump Rope                                     200x

3) Double Leg Stretch                                            20x

4) Frogger                                                              20x

5) Single Leg Pull                                                   20x

6) High Knee Jump Rope                                       200x

7) Double Straight Leg Lower                                 20x

8) Frogger                                                               20x

9) Twist Bicycle Abs                                                20x