Burpee Fusion

I went to the gym today not really sure what I was going to do. We have had several wet days in a row here, and people have a tendency to avoid the gym. Today was the first in three days that we haven’t had torrential down pours so I figured it would be busy. The equipment I tend to gravitate toward (dip machine, pull-up machine and squat rack) were all being used, so I found a little corner and thought I would give a few more of Funk’s Burpees, and a couple of my own, a try. I needed two benches for the one burpee he did, so I thought I would incorporate them into my workout. I’m sorry that I don’t have a video for you. I am trying to figure out what I can use from the house for the two platforms seeing that I only have one bench step. I will figure something out! If I don’t get this on paper though I will forget, so please work with me here.

I broke the workout into circuits so that I could put a burpee as a cardio move with each to keep my heart rate up. I did 15 to 20 repetitions of each exercise, but you could do it as a Tabata style workout as well. I might try that and see if it is harder.

Circuit 1: (I repeated this 4 times)

Sandbag Side Lunges                                     20x  (30 lb. sandbag)

Ugi Squat Woodchop Right                             15x   (15 lb. dumbbell)

Ugi Squat Woodchop Left                                15x   (15 lb. dumbbell)

Renegade Row to Manmaker                          15x   (15 lb. dumbbells)


Circuit 2: (I repeated this 4 times) I had two step benches set up with 4 risers under each side and parallel to each other. I was standing facing the small end.

Front Cross over Lunge                                     20x  (30 lb. sandbag)

Burpee Hop up w/foot on each bench               15x
(Funk calls them Split Plyo Box Toe Tap Burpee # 43)

Low Squat Hold Concentration Bicep Curl        15x  (15 lb. dumbbells)


Circuit 3: (I repeated this 4 times) I had the bench in the same positions.

Inner thigh lunge to bench                               20x  (30 lb. sandbag)

(I lunged right foot to the right bench and left foot to the left bench)

Zottman Curls                                                   15x  (15 lb. dumbbells)

Burpee Plank Feet on bench/ tuck jump           15x

(I stood with my back to the benches, placed hands on floor and hopped feet to the benches for a burpee. Hopped feet back in and hopped up to a tuck jump)  VERY EXHAUSTING!


Circuit 4: (I repeated this 4 times) I only used one bench. I used the long side of the bench, standing in front of it.

Low Squat / Step up to bench knee lift                        20x  (30 lb. sandbag)

I alternated knee lifts to the bench with each low squat

Dumbbell Nosebuster                                                  15x  (15 lb. dumbbells)

Elevated Side Plank Reach Through Right                 15x

Elevated Side Plank Reach Through Left                   15x

Elevated Plank Hold Leg Raise                                   20x