Burpee Cardio “Hit the Deck” Stopwatch Workout

I love to do burpees, and I also like the “Hit the Deck” workout. There are so many variations that can be used. You pick the exercises based on what you want to work, and the deck of cards does the rest. You shuffle and flip cards and do whatever exercise you assigned to that suit. I have many variations on this workout, but non like the burpee variation. When the workout is over, we will have done 260 burpees, 40 repetitions of bicep, shoulder and tricep (all in one) and 80 repetitions of abdominals. You don’t need much for this workout. Just a set of dumbbells and a weight heavy enough to do the abdominal moves. Remember to take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

(You will do the number of reps based on the number on the card)

Hearts              =       Broad Jump Burpees
Diamonds        =       Chair Sit Dumbbell Front Raise Burpee
Clubs               =        Surfer Burpee
Spades            =       Duck Walk Burpee
Aces                =       10x Cross Jump Lunge Burpee (like a jump curtsy lunge)

Face Cards
Jack                 =        10x Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension
Queens            =        10x Weighted V-Up
Kings                =        10x Roll up to Russian Twist with Overhead Press

Bonus: Abs 10/50 6 rounds (Each group of exercises)

1a. Foam Roller – Legs on Roller in Plank Position/Pull knees in to chest
1b. Foam Roller – Lying on Roller/Lower and raise legs into the air

2a. Right Elbow Twist to Left Knee/Right Foot Press Out
2b. Left Elbow Twist to Right Knee/Left Foot Press Out

3a. Plank Saw Forward/Back
3b. Plank Position – Hip dip side to side