Burn Baby Workout


I know a lot of people don’t like to workout. They do it because they have to. I love to workout, and I love trying new challenging workouts. I get tired of doing the same thing. Whether it’s the same exercises with a different order, or the same work and rest time. I thought I would change it up today. There are two parts to the workout. The first part will be the 20 second work with no break, and we will go through it 2 times. Then we will do part two. It is a cardio tone, and we will perform each exercise for a minute with no rest in between. We will do two rounds before we return to part one again. We go back to part one for one more round, and then finish up with one more round of part two. The workout breakdown is below. I used my 18″ Box, 5 lbs dumbbells, my 12 lb kettlebell and my 30 lb sandbag. You can do the entire workout without any of this equipment. Work at your level.

Part 1: 20 second work, no rest for 2 rounds (then back for 1 more round)
1. Right Leg Bench – Left Side Lift out/Right Leg Single leg Squat/Right Leg Single Leg Squat Pulse
2. Left Leg Bench – Right Side Lift out/Left Leg Single Leg Squat/Left Leg Single Leg Squat Pulse
3. Right Side Plank Reach Under/Right Side Plank Reach Over head/Hold Right Side Plank
4. Left Side Plank Reach Under/Left Side Plank Reach Over head/Hold Left Side Plank
5. Runners Stomp Right/Step Up Left – Right Glute Lift/Hold Up & Pulse Right Leg
6. Runners Stomp Left/Step Up Right – Left Glute Lift/Hold Up & Pulse Left Leg

Part 2: 1:00 Work, no rest for 2 rounds (then back for 1 more round)
1. Squat Low/2x High Knee Jog
2. Up/Down Elbow Plank – Stay down & Hip Dip Right then Left
3. Right Reverse Cross Over Lunge -weight outside of left knee & around the world
4. Left Reverse Cross Over Lunge – weight outside of right knee & around the world
5. Criss Cross Feet Glute Lift
6. Push-up/Drag Bag Under Chest/Rotate to Side Plank
7. Skater to Front Lunge
8. (Kneeling) Down/Up/Hold Low Squat 3x Pulse up
9. Crab Dance Right then Left/Hold & extend arm over head to 3 legged table top (Repeat Crab Dance with that arm)
10. Side/Front Lunge to Burpee
11. Hop Out Wide then feet in/Drop to Pike & Donkey Kick