Burn All Over Workout

I thought I would do a workout that didn’t require much equipment, but still delivered on toughness. There are some combination moves that really get the heart rate pumping so I didn’t feel the need to put any cardio between the exercises. If you decide you want cardio between feel free to add in your favorite move. All you need is about 2o seconds to get the heart racing. I used a pair of 12 lb dumbbells, 20 lb kettlebell and my 10 lb Ugi Ball. You can use one weight for the entire workout, or you can elect to use no weight at all. You base the workout on your fitness level. I show you beginner moves if you are just starting out. Take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

Set timer for 15 second rest and 1:00 work for 3 rounds

1. Dumbbell Renegade Row Right then Left/Tap Opposite hand to Opposite foot/Hop in & hold for 2x Low Pulse Squat/Hop up then back to Plank
2. Weight on Right Shoulder/Hold in Low Squat & Kneel Down Right then Left/Up to feet Right then Left in Low Squat/Shift weight over to Left Shoulder and repeat leading with left foot
3. Burpee Push-up/2x Strict Mountain Climbers/Hop up
4. Reverse Crunch to Alternating Bicycle Knees
5. 4x Plank Jack/1x Explosive Push-up/Hop in & up
6. Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift (Pass weight between legs)
7. Right Side Plank – Reach Under then Bottom Knee Tuck in
8. Left Side Plank – Reach Under then Bottom Knee Tuck in
9. Plank Position – Toe Tap Side Out to Floor Right then Left/Frog Hop Feet in & back/Hop feet to chest & back/Repeat
10. Roll-over (Keep body Hollowed) Crunch Knee in as body comes up/Down & roll the opposite way

Bonus: Butts & Guts :20/:20/:20/no rest 3 rounds

1. Competition Sit-up/Butterfly Sit-up/Static Hold Legs & Knees Bent
2. Glute Bridge Hold – Lift Right then Left leg into the air/Right Leg on floor & left foot up Glute Raise/Left Leg on floor & right foot up Glute Raise
3. Flutter Kicks/Scissor Legs/Scissor Legs (Shoulders lifted off floor)
4. Glute Lift Feet Wide – Knees In/Glute Lift – Feet Close – Knees out/Glute Lift Static Hold
5. Plank Down/Up/Plank Hand Out in front & back/Plank Hold