Bringing Sexy Back Workout


It seems like forever since I uploaded a video. I know everyone is suffering from this crazy winter weather. I couldn’t do any recording outside last week after Monday because we not only had cold weather, but rain as well. It makes my back patio slick and dangerous. So I made up for it today in this wild workout. It would just be “normal” if I did it once through, so I got crazy and did the entire workout a second time.  You can stop after the first time through, or continue on with me. Remember to take breaks when you need them, and work at your own pace. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1: Set timer for :10 rest / :30 work   20 rounds

1) Ugi Broad Jump to Squat Combo

(Hold Ugi, or weight, jump forward. Squat down and lower the weight to the floor. Jump over the weight and do 3 low pulse squats. Hop back and pick up weight. Hop and turn. Repeat going the opposite way)

2) Pull-up

3) Side Lunge Left tap ball on floor/ Up and twist over Right Shoulder

4) Side Lunge Right tap ball on floor / Up and twist over Left Shoulder

5) Ugi Plank Jacks


Part 2: 5:00 countdown (Set timer and continue to do rounds until you hear the beep.)

1) 1 Arm Ugi Push-up to Frog Hop then walk hand over to other side                         8x

2) Legs in Air Reverse Crunch – Reach Ugi to Feet                                                  10x


Part 3: 5:00  countdown (Set timer and continue to do rounds until you hear the beep.)

1) Russian Twist (Right and Left are 1 rep.)                                                                20x

2) Alternating Side Crunch V-up                                                                                  10x

Repeat the entire workout 1 more time.