Bring It!



This was a great Friday workout. My girlfriend’s son, who is also best friends with my boys, wanted to do a workout with me. Aidan started tackle football for high school this year. So I did a program that was body weight focused, as well as, cardiovascular. I tried to use basic exercises that had a lot emphasis on the core. I told him to work at his own pace, and take breaks as he needed them. Aidan told me that they didn’t do any type of workout like this for football training. I thought that he did a great job hanging in there for the workout. I am sure he will join me again during the winter break. He will be preparing for the start of Lacrosse in the spring.

Below is the exercise breakdown. I used my sandbag for swings and shoulder presses. And a 10 lb. dumbbell for the “T” Raise Push-up. Aidan used a 15 lb. dumbbell for swings, 10 lb. dumbbells for presses and a 5 lb. dumbbell for the “T” Raise Push-up. I told him to pick a moderate weight because we were doing a lot of rounds. Once you finish this workout, you will have completed 120 repetitions of each exercise.

Set your Gymboss Timer for stop watch. Begin at 15 repetitions and subtract one repetition during each round until you reach 1 repetition of each exercise. (Example: 15, 14, 13,…10..5..1)

1) Sandbag Swings

2) Strict Mountain Climbers

3) Squats

4) Burpees

5) Shoulder Press – Sandbag or weights

6) “T” Raise Push-ups

It took us 42:17 to complete.