Bring the Pain HIIT Workout

Maria V had some great names for videos. I couldn’t leave her hanging so I created a workout to fit the name she supplied. I loved all of her titles, and you will see me use them for the videos. I will give her a shout out on the names she supplied. I love that you guys tell me what you want to see, or the equipment you want to use. I know some of you don’t have certain pieces of equipment, but don’t worry because I give you an alternative move. Most of the moves can be done on the floor.

I thought that I was only going to do 3 rounds of the first part, but I felt good so I decided to do a 4 th round. You remember to work at your level and take breaks when you need too.  I didn’t do a crazy workout yesterday because I was doing crazy amounts of Pierogi. My husband is Polish, and when we were engaged his aunt taught me how to make them. I am following in Aunt Millie’s footsteps.  She would be so proud of me. I made the dough in batches and stuffed 531 Pierogi. I boil them and freeze them in bags of 15. That way the boys and my husband can pull them out and thaw to cook them. I can’t have these delicious Pierogi anymore due to my dairy allergy. As a matter of fact, I can’t touch them when I make them. I must use gloves or I get a viscous rash from my finger tips to my wrists. How do I know this, because it happened one time when I was making them. The next day I woke up to find this horrible rash and my hands swollen. When I went to the doctor’s she told me it looked like an allergic reaction. I told her I had made Pierogi, and how many I made. We determined that it must be all the dairy in them. So know I do them with gloves on, because not doing them is not an option. My family loves them too much. They love me, and don’t want to see me get hurt. They would never ask for them if it risked my health. But so far the gloves work well. Anyway, let’s get back to this workout.

I used the BOSU Ball, 20 lb Kettlebell, 10 lb Steel bell, 15 lb Dumbbells and my 30 lb Sandbag. The workout breakdown is below.

Set timer for 10/1:00/10/50 4 rounds

1. 4x’s Plank Jacks (hands on BOSU)/2x Down – Up Elbow Plank/10x Pendulums
(50) – 2x Plank Knee Drive to 2x Plank Toe Tap opposite hand to foot

2. Squat Jump w/Alternating Side Leg Lift
(5) – Weighted Roll up to 4x Russian Twist

3. 2x Plank Jack (hands on BOSU)/Frog Hop to Squat & back to Plank
(50) – Weighted V-Up

4. 4x Jump Lunge/Plies Squat Jump Hop turn & back to Plank/Hop up Surfer Jump
(50) – Right V-up

5. 10x Pendulums/2x Plank Jack/Hop to Plies Jump Squat & hold 3x Pulse down
(50) – Left V-up

6. 2x Toe Taps on BOSU – Hop turn to side and Squat (Keep foot closest to BOSU on the ball)
(50) -(Top of BOSU) Seated Knee Crunch in

Part 2: 30/30 3 rounds then 1:00 countdown before moving to next exercise

1. Right Arm Kettlebell Swing/Right Arm Kettlebell Shoulder Press
(1:00 Countdown) – Right Arm Rack Squat

2. Left Arm Kettlebell Swing/Left Arm Kettlebell Shoulder Press
(1:00 Countdown) – Left Arm Rack Squat

3. Alternate 1 Arm Swing/Up-right Row
(1:00 Countdown) – Squat Clean bag to Chest & Overhead Twist Shoulder Press (Alternate Sides)

4. Dumbbell Skier Swing/Dumbbell Bicep Curl
(1:00 Countdown) – Right Side Lunge to Right Leg Lift/Right Side Lunge to Right Kick Front

5. Alter Squat out to Side Kettlebell Swing/Tricep Overhead Extension (or Dips)
(1:00 Countdown) – Left Side Lunge to Left Leg Lift/Left Side Lunge to Left Kick Front

6. Dumbbell Skier Swing/Arnold Press
(1:00 Countdown) – Reverse Lunge to Kick Front – Jump Switch Lunge