Bottoms Up Workout


I was pressed for time today so I did a workout that focused on the legs. I needed to work them hard, but still feel like it was a cardiovascular workout. This workout is a stopwatch based workout. You will do a set amount of repetitions. If you are advanced do 20 repetitions. If you are just starting out, skip the weight and lower the repetitions. You want good form. Don’t sacrifice your form just to get the total repetitions completed. I used my 30 lb sandbag and a 12 lb dumbbell.  Below is the workout breakdown. You can write it down and do it later, or follow along with me on my video.

Set your timer for Stop watch. I performed 3 rounds.

1) Surfer Jump                                                                 20x

2) Squat w/Alternating Overhead Twist                            20x

3) Overhead Walking Lunges                                           20x

4) Reverse Lunge Right to Right Knee Lift                       20x

5) Runner’s Stomp Right                                                  20x

6) Reverse Lunge Left to Left Knee Lift                           20x

7) Runner’s Stomp Left                                                    20x

8) Sandbag Clean to 2x Reverse Pulse Lunge R.           10x

9) Sandbag Clean to 2x Reverse Pulse Lunge L.             10x

10) Mountain Climbers                                                      20x

11) Alternating Front Lunge with Twist                               20x