Bottoms Up Revised Workout

I had a request to redo the Bottoms Up workout and throw in some upper body and abdominal moves. I changed a few of the exercises for the workout, and then added a bonus at the end that covered upper body and a little cardio based core moves. I think that it is a challenging workout. You don’t need a lot of weight to feel these moves. You need to focus on the working muscles and technique and your booty will be sore and your thighs will be begging for mercy. I used a step stool, my 10 lb Ugi Ball, and my 12 and 20 lb kettlebells for the first part of the workout. Then for the second part, I used 10 and 12 lb dumbbells. Remember to work at your fitness level and take breaks when necessary. The breakdown is below.

Set timer for Stopwatch, 3 rounds

1. Burpee with Surfer Jump                                                                              10x
2. Jump Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift                                                    20x
3. Alternating Reverse Lunge (pass kettlebell between knees)                        20x
4. Right Leg on Floor, Single Leg Balance Squat to bend & Press overhead   10x
5. Plank Hop/Right Runner’s Stomp/Left in 4x’s Low Pulse Squat                    10x
6. Left Leg on Floor, Single Leg Balance Squat to Bend & Press overhead     10x
7. Plank Hop/Left Runner’s Stomp/Right in 4x’s Low Pulse Squat                    10x
8. Strict Mountain Climbers                                                                               20x
9. Squat Weight to Side/Clean up/Hold 2x Reverse Lunge Pulse                   10x/side
10. Kneeling – Down Down Up Up – Squat wide to Side (Alternate)               10x

Part 2: Abs & Arms

5/20 9 rounds
1. Shoulder Press (Palms face out/press overhead & twist to face in)
2. Single Shoulder Press
3. Bicep Curl

10/20 4 rounds
Oblique Mountain Climbers/ Hold in Plank Position for the 10 second count

5/20 9 rounds
4. Plank Dumbbell Row
5. Shoulder Tap Push-up
6. Lay on Back – overhead Tricep Extension

10/20 4 rounds
Elevated Plank Toe Tap Side then tap to opposite heel (Alternate side on rounds)/Hold in Plank Position for the 10 second count

5/20 9 rounds
7. Elbow Plank Down/Up Push-up
8. Plank Hold Tricep Kickback
9. Alternating “T” Raise

10/20 4 rounds
Ski Hop Right Then Left/Hold Plank Jack/ Hold in plank position for 10 second count



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