The Booty Lover Workout


I did a short workout today because it was so cold out there. It was fine once I got moving, but it was still cold. The workout for today focused on the legs and butt. The squat jump to plank exercise was very deceiving. I didn’t think it was going to be hard enough, but my heart rate was really up there when I was doing it. You need to really focus on squatting low to the ground and hopping up into the air. Remember to hold your core tight in the plank position, and don’t let your stomach sag to the floor. You can either press play and follow along with me, or write it down and do it at your convenience. Remember to work at your own pace. Set your timer for :10 rest/ :30 work for 24 rounds. Beginners can set their timer for 6 rounds and take a break before starting the next round.


1) Squat Jump to Plank

2) Sandbag Clean and Press to 6x Mountain Climbers

3) Reverse Cross-over Lunge Right to Side Kick out

4) Reverse Cross-over Lunge Left to Side Kick out

5) Criss Cross Jacks

6) Knees to side with feet in Straps or on Stability Ball