Boot Camp Body Workout


It has been unseasonably hot here. We were experiencing some cool, crisp mornings followed by some nice refreshing days and comfortable nights. The weather has kicked up a notch, so I figured I would kick the workout up a notch as well. Not only are we going to do the strength exercise to get the blood pumping and the muscles screaming, but we’re going to throw in some cardio just to keep that heart pumping too. I like to do jump rope for my cardio, but you can do jumping jacks or jog in place. Anything that keeps those legs moving and the heart pumping. I am using a 20 lb kettlebell and 8 lb dumbbell, my 30 lb sandbag, 5 and 15 lb dumbbells. Remember to always work at your level, and take breaks when necessary. The workout breakdown is below.

Set timer for:  :5/:25/:10/:50 (:25 is for Jump Rope and :50 is for the strength move) 2 rounds

1. Right Hand Heavy Kettlebell – Left Hand Light/Clean Right Hand to chest – twisting right to lunge and pressing right hand overhead and left hand across the chest
2. Left Hand Heavy Kettlebell – Right Hand Light/Clean Left Hand to chest – twisting left to lunge and pressing left hand overhead and right hand across the chest
3. Right Side Lunge/In – Right Side Leg Lift
4. Left Side Lunge/In – Left Side Leg Lift
5. Crab Dance
6. Push-up on Dumbbells – Right Row to Kickback
7. Push-up on Dumbbells – Left Row to Kickback
8. Squat with Overhead Press
9. Skater/Hold 2x Jump Lunge
10. 10x Oblique Mountain Climber/Tap Opposite hand to foot and Frog Hop/Repeat
11. Plank Down/Up – 2x Shoulder Tap Push-up
12. Right Side Plank Left Crunch Elbow Down/Pull Bottom Foot Knee Crunch in (Right)
13. Left Side Plank Right Crunch Elbow Down/Pull Bottom Foot Knee Crunch in (Left)
14. 3x Low Pulse Squat – Jump Up
15. Alternate Side Plank Rotation

Bonus:  :10/:50 2 rounds

1. Front Plank Reach Right Arm Side/Overhead/Side then Down
2. Front Plank Walk hands forward then back
3. Front Plank Reach Left Arm Side/Overhead/Side then Down
4. Front Plank Alternate Toe Tap to Side
5. Hyperextension on Floor or Stability Ball