Beach Drill Workout

My husband and I got to get away for the evening to celebrate our Anniversary. It was nice to spend the night alone together. We had a great dinner and then sat on the beach and watched the sunset. A beautiful ending to a wonderful day. We strolled along a nice cement sidewalk in front of our hotel and I immediately was thinking I would do my H.I.I.T. workout in the morning with a spectacular view of the ocean. What I didn’t realize is that I would be the entertainment for all the older people who had beach views from their hotel balcony. So there I was at 6:30 in the morning doing my workout with people sipping their coffee and enjoying the show. I traveled light with my jump rope and timer, so I did a total body weight workout on the cement walk way by the beach.

This workout is a little long. You can actually make this into two workouts. I had free time because I wasn’t at home and didn’t have to wait on anyone for breakfast. So I just went until I was tired and out of water.

Set your timer for stopwatch. I did two rounds before moving into the jump rope circuit.

It took me 21:47

1) Deep Squat w/Alternating Front Kick                                                  20x

2) Runner Stomp Right                                                                           10x

Runner Stomp Left                                                                                 10x

3) Elevated Push-up                                                                               20x

4) Strict Mountain Climbers                                                                    20x

5) Runners Stomp Right                                                                        10x

Runners Stomp Left                                                                               10x

6) Burpee                                                                                                20x

7) V-Hop Right / Plank Jack / V-Hop Left / Plank Jack                           20x

(I don’t have a video for this. Hop your feet in to the right then back to plank position and do a plank jack (1 rep). Then hop feet in to left and back to a plank position for a plank jack (1 rep).

8) Curtsy Lunge                                                                                      20x

9) Elevated Push-up                                                                              10x

10) Runners Stomp Right                                                                      10x

Runners Stomp Left                                                                               10x

11) Jump Lunges                                                                                    20x

12) Ab Assault Right                                                                               10x

13) Ab Assault Left                                                                                 10x

14) Squat w/Alternating Side Lift                                                            20x

15) Side Jump Lunges                                                                           20x

(I used the cement wall that separated the side walk from the beach for the elevated Push-ups and ab assault moves)

I then moved into a Jump Rope Circuit. I now had an audience and figured it wasn’t too early that I would disturb anyone with my beeper.

1) Jump Rope                                                          8 rounds    10 second rest / 20 second work

2) Squat w/Alternating Glute Lift                              4 minute countdown

3) Jump Rope                                                          8 rounds   10 second rest/ 20 second work

4) “T” Raise Push-up                                                4 minute countdown

(I did these elevated with my feet on the wall)

5) Jump Rope                                                           8 rounds    10 second rest/ 20 second work

6) Sumo Squat Step Together                                  4 minute countdown

7) Jump Rope                                                           8 round      10 second rest/ 20 second work

8) Right Side Knee Crunch                                       2 minute countdown

9) Left Side Knee Crunch                                         2 minute countdown

10) Jump Rope                                                         8 round      10 second rest/ 20 second work

11) Sumo Squat w/Knee Lift                                     4 minute countdown

(I didn’t have my sandbag for these)

12) Jump Rope                                                         8 rounds    10 second rest/ 20 second work

(This second part is a 44 minute workout.)