Bangin’ Body Workout

I had a great workout today. I planned this one after I got the new Gymboss Timer and saw what it could do. Most everyone I come in contact with, either has one or knows of it. If you are not familiar with the timer, then I will give you a little information on it. I tried using a regular kitchen timer when I first got started, but it wasn’t the same. You have to stop and set the timer every time it goes off. The Gymboss gives you the option of setting up how many rounds you want to do. There are apps on the smart phones for timers, but I don’t carry my phone when I work out. I don’t want to be interrupted while I’m doing my workout. And if you have seen me workout, you know I sweat like crazy. I would rather replace a 19.99 timer than a smart phone. The new Gymboss is called a Mini Max. I am not sure why. It is the same size as the original Gymboss timer. The Mini Max timer is more expensive, 27.95, but enables you to set up more than 2 intervals at a time. It says 3+ on the screen. When I was playing with it, I got it to do 5 intervals. Because it has more options, you must scroll through more things to set it up. But like anything in life, the more you work with it the quicker you will get at setting it up. It will also save up to 20 programs that you set up. That is the time, not the workout. Here is the link if you would like to go and check them out. Gymboss timer. I do use the new timer in my workout today so you can see how it functions.

I did a 10 second break, followed by 40 seconds of an exercise and then 30 seconds of jump rope. Click here for the full workout Bangin’ Body Workout

Below is the total breakdown of the workout. Set your timer for 10/40/30   30 rounds

1) 2 Jump Lunges/ 2 Push-up   (40 seconds)  /   Jump Rope (30 seconds)

2) Clean & Press to Squat & Press (40 seconds)   /   Jump Rope (30 seconds)

3) Overhead Walking Lunges  (40 seconds)   /    Jump Rope (30 seconds)

4) Wall Bangers (40 seconds)   /   Jump Rope (30 seconds)

5) Burpee w/sandbag Up-right Row  (40 seconds)   /    Jump Rope (30 seconds)

6) Alternate V-up w/ball to a reach through (40 seconds)   /    Jump Rope (30 seconds)