Bad Ass Workout

I am still filming videos, and  I am amazed at the amount of exercises I have accrued over the years. My list is dwindling which means my library is one step closer to maintenance. I did make time today to do one of my older workouts that I created. Those of you on the Disavowed Rockers Facebook Page have seen this one before. Below is the workout breakdown with video clips. I apologize for not having three of the basic exercises. I didn’t want to hold off on the post until I recorded them.

It is broken into parts. You may take a break in between each part if you would like. My breaks are just long enough to set up for the next part, get a drink and towel off.

Part 1:   10 rounds  – Even numbers only (20 reps, 18, 16, 14,……8, 6, 4, 2)

You will work through Exercise #2 through #5 starting at 20 reps. Then the next time through it will be 18 reps. Work your way down to 2 reps. When you have completed all the rounds, you will have done 110 repetitions of each exercise.

1) Jump Rope                                                                   1 minute

2) Sandbag Shoulder Press

3) Close Grip Push-up

4) Sandbag Roll-up

5) Squats


Part 2:   Stop watch    1 round

1) Floor Touch Jump Squat                                          30x’s

2) Push-up                                                                     15x’s

3) Plank Jacks                                                              30x’

4) One Arm Press Up Right                                         15x’s

5) Jump Lunges                                                             30x’s

6) One Arm Press Up Left                                            15x’s

7) Drop Squats                                                               30x’s


Part 3:    4 round    1:00/1:00

1) Plank

2) Side Plank Hip Dip with Elbow Twist right

3) Bridge

4) Side Plank Hip Dip with Elbow Twist Left


Part 1:  Completed in 31:46  Jump Rope (160 skips, 160, 160, 150, 150, 145, 145, 130, 130 & 130)

Part 2: 6:40

Part 3:  2) 16, 15   4) 15, 15