Baby Wants Back Workout

I thought I would do a workout today that has focus on the hamstring and butt. We tend to do a lot of sitting, whether it is at a computer, in front of a television or in a car running all over the place for kids or work or school. We need to give the behind a little lift, because the older we get the more it starts to travel south. The main part of the workout has specific leg exercises in it, but I threw in some upper body moves and cardio combinations to give those legs a little breather and keep our heart rates up. The bonus butt section at the end is where we will really target the glutes. I used my step bench with the option of the BOSU Ball, my 25 lb bar with an extra 10 lbs, 10 lb dumbbells and the stability ball and a weighted ball. You work at your level, using the equipment you have available. The workout breakdown is below.

Set your timer for 10/50 12 rounds (3x through)

1. Dive Bombers
2. Right Reverse Lunge Knee Drive/Back/Jump Lunge Switch legs
3. Left Foot planted on step/Squat & pull Right Knee up/Cross Right Leg Behind for Reverse Cross Over Lunge
4. Right Foot planted on step/Squat & pull Left Knee Up/Cross Left Leg Behind for Reverse Cross Over Lunge
5. Burpee Push-up/Release to floor/Hop up to Chair Pose with Dumbbell Front Raise
6. Lying Star Fish Crunch Knee in (Hover upper body and legs off floor)
7. Squat Jump Wide then Narrow/Hold/2x Jump Lunge
8. Roll Back – Thrust Feet over head/Thrust forward to Plank Push-up/Hold Squat & repeat
9. Light Good Morning to Alternating Reverse Cross Over Lunge
10. Dumbbell Walk Out to Push-up/Walk Back/Stay in Low Squat/Broad Jump forward/Squat Hop Turn & repeat
11. Skater stay low/3x Low Squat Pulse to Jump Squat
12. Stability Ball Leg Lift with weighted Reach (Keep upper & lower body off floor)

Bonus: Butt 5/20 21 rounds (2x through)

1a. Plies Squat/1b. Hold Low Plies Squat small pulse up/1c. Hold Low Plies Squat Pulse down
2a. Right Reverse Lunge with rear leg raise/2b. Left Reverse Lunge with rear leg raise/2c. Hold low squat tap right then left behind
3a. Left Leg on Bench – Squat & drive Right Knee up/3b. Hold on top of bench – Right knee up & kick back/3c. Hold on top of bench & pulse Right Leg Back
4a. Right Leg on Bench – Squat & drive Left Knee up/4b. Hold on top of bench – Left knee up & kick back/4c. Hold on top of bench & pulse Left Leg Back
5a. Kneeling Right Donkey Kick up & lower half way down/5b. Right Cross behind left leg & shoot up/5c. Pulse Right up to ceiling
6a. Kneeling Left Donkey Kick up & lower half way down/6b. Left Cross behind right leg & shoot up/6c. Pulse Left up to ceiling
7a. Bridge Lift up – open – in – lower/7b. Hold up with knees wide & pulse up/7c. Knees together & pulse up