Ass on Fire Workout


There are three parts to this workout today. I went through all the rounds in each part without taking a break, because we get a break in between each part. Remember to always work at your level. If you need to take breaks between rounds, just pause the video until you are ready to start. Make sure you push yourself though. You need to feel a little uncomfortable when you are working out, so step out of that comfort zone and push yourself a bit. I used my 18″ box, 25 lb barbell, and 30 lb Sandbag. The breakdown is below.

Part 1: 10/50 12 rounds
1. Prisoner Squat Low Broad Jump Burpee
2. Walking or Front Lunge Elbow to Knee
3. Pull-up or Row
4. Alternating Step Up with Side Leg Lift

Part 2: 10/50 12 rounds
1. V-hop Right then Left/Hold Push-up/Hop up to Star Jack
2. Squat Round House Kick Right over Box/Squat/Step back to Reverse Lunge
3. Squat Round House Kick Left over Box/Squat/Step back to Reverse Lunge
4. Alternating Step Up with Glute Lift

Part 3: 10/30 18 rounds
1. 2x Bar Overhead Jump Lunge/2x Jumping Jack with Overhead Press
2. Crouching Push-up to Push Back
3. Side to Side Jump Lunge (Touch the ground)
4. Squat Jumps (Touch Floor when feet are wide)
5. Squat Thrust/Hold/Hop in feet wide Alternate Reaching 1 arm to floor and other to Ceiling
6. Burpee to Squat with Alternating Up-right Row
(I forgot exercise Number 5 in the video.  If you are following me, we throw it in at the end. If you are doing it on your own, you can put it in the right place. Sorry.)