Armed & Fabulous Cardio Strength Workout

It was a pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning and there was no rain yet. I decided I would get my workout in before the rain began. I wanted to do a strength style workout with some cardio throughout. I decided at the end of each group of exercises we would do 2 minutes of jump rope, or whatever cardio you wanted to do for those 2 minutes. I stayed with jump rope, and let me tell you it was a challenge. You will see in the video, I have to take breaks periodically. This one will be a good one to come back and revisit. I would love to see if I can eventually make it through every 2 minute round of jump rope without a break. I can really feel it in my shoulders as I type. We did a variety of push-ups and a lot of strength moves for our upper body. Remember to work at your own pace and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

Set Timer for Stopwatch

Group 1:  3 rounds
1. Stagger Push-up (Crouch back/Push Forward)                                         10x
2. Squat with Overhead Press                                                                       15x
3. Mountain Climbers                                                                                     15x (Both Feet)
4. Bicep Curl                                                                                                  15x
Jump Rope 2 minutes

Group 2: 3 rounds
1. Walk out to Push-up                                                                                   10x
2. Overhead Tricep Extension                                                                        15x
3. Burpee to Front Raise Chair Sit                                                                  10x
4. Dips                                                                                                             15x
Jump Rope 2 minutes

Group 3: 3 rounds
1. Dive Bombers                                                                                              12x
2. Dumbbell Front “Y” Raise                                                                            12x
3. Sandbag Swing                                                                                            20x
4. Circle Around – Press Out from chest & Squeeze Elbows back to waist    10x
Jump Rope 2 minutes

Group 4: 3 rounds
1. Down Dog to Plank Push-up                                                                        10x
2. Squat with Alternating Overhead Twist                                                        10x
3. Oblique Mountain Climbers                                                                          30x
4. Sandbag Clean & Press                                                                               10x
Jump Rope 2 minutes

Bonus: Butt & Legs 20x/exercise – 3 rounds (set timer for Stopwatch)
1. Reverse Lunge
2. Squats
3. Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift (pass kettlebell between legs)
4. Rotate to Right Static Lunge
5. Wide Stance Plies Squat to Right Side Lunge/Back to Plies Squat & Left Side Lunge
6. Rotate to Left Static Lunge
7. Squat to Left Reverse Cross Over Lunge
8. Squat to Right Reverse Cross Over Lunge
9. Plies Squat to Alternating Knee Lift
10. Plies Pulse Down 3x/Step Foot to opposite Foot (Alternate)