Armed and Dangerous Workout

I did my Yoga yesterday. It felt great to stretch all the muscles and focus on my posture. I have noticed a tightness in my neck and across the back off my shoulders. I think it might be from all the push-ups I did the other day.

Todays focus was on arms and shoulders with a little all over cardio to get that heart rate up. There are two parts to the workout. The first part is the “Armed and Dangerous” workout. For this workout you want to pick a weight that you will hold the entire time. If you need to put the weight down you can, but try to get through the entire workout without dropping the weight. The weight should feel a little light to start, but as you near the end of the repetitions it will begin to feel heavy. You don’t want to compromise your form so stay with a manageable weight. I used a 10 lb. dumbbell for Part 1. I probably could have used a 12 lb. dumbbell, but my gym doesn’t have them. Then part 2 was a version of my Deck of Cards workout. For that one I used my 30 lb. Sandbag and a pair of 10 lb. dumbbells.

Part 1: Set you gym boss timer to stopwatch and complete 1x through. I used a 10 lb. dumbbell for all the exercises.

1) Right Arm Roll-up to Get Up                                                     21x

(I have a video using the sandbag. The difference is hold the dumbbell in your right hand and roll and get up. Same form you are just holding the weight on the right side.)

2) Right Arm Swings                                                                    50x

3) Squat with Right Arm Overhead Press                                   21x

(The video shows sandbag overhead press. It is the same form, just hold the dumbbell in right hand)

4) Right Arm Swings                                                                   50x

5) Squat with Left Arm Overhead Press                                     21x

6) Left Arm Swings                                                                      50x

7) Left Arm Roll-up to Get Up                                                      21x

(Same technique as the sandbag roll-up, but hold dumbbell in left hand)

8) Left Arm Swings                                                                      50x

(I completed Part 1 in 11:55)


Part 2: Set timer for stopwatch. Go through the entire deck of cards

Hearts   = Skier dumbbell Swings (Let dumbbells hang down on outside of legs. Swing dumbbells to shoulder height)

Diamonds  =  Sandbag Clean & Press

Clubs   = Dumbbell Curls

Spades  = Burpee w/push-up

Jack – Queen – King  =  10 repetitions

Aces = 11 repetitions

All other cards you do the number of repetitions of the number on the card

When you finish this workout, you will have done 96 repetitions of each exercise.

(I completed Part 2 in 17:39)

After I stretched, I had to sit in the car for a few minutes before I could drive home. I’m sure I will feel this one tomorrow.

Good luck and tell me what your scores were.